Off the Rail

I attended the private launch party of 'Off the Rail' in a plush rooftop studio overlooking Canary Wharf this evening. I was the +1 of my BFF of almost 10 years, my beloved Wammie, Babee Bee. As an up-and-coming embellishment designer, who has worked for the likes of Monsoon and Puma, she decided to venture out and design her own line of niche statement accessories; aptly named 'Burju'.
 Jacket : Designed & created by my BFF and Lady of the hour; **Burju 
Top : ZARA (worn back to front)
Trousers : Thrifted (London) (originally from M&S) | Heels & Bag : ZARA
I spoke to the fabulous organisers behind 'Off the Rail', and I was enlightened on the concept behind this genius scheme. 'Off the Rail' is a platform for young, up-and-coming designers to showcase one-off pieces for a month only period.
Website : will be launching at 12 midnight tonight (30th June 2012) and will also be featured on Huffington Post to coincide with the launch. Be sure to check out the work of budding designers, and cease the chance at purchasing unique pieces!
The event itself was divine. Canapes, mohitos and delectable cupcakes, not to mention, great company were not to go amiss at 'Off the Rail'. As soon as Prince Cassius walked into the room, I fell in love with his afro. I was unaware that this dude has a 10k+ following on twitter, as he was so down-to-earth and absolutely lovely. He approached me and confessed his lust for my jacket and when I pointed out the designer was my BFF and one of the designers showcasing her jewellery, he had nothing but love for her work.
(Disclaimer: Apologies! I've been addicted to popping tags and gnawing on the plastic link since...forever)
Sunglasses : Oscar de la Renta (purchased at TK Maxx) | Watch : Michael Kors | Studs : Matalan (Menswear) | Hairstyle : Meagan Mop
I think this idea is so brilliant, especially now that the fashion market is saturated with the same merchandise. I can't count the amount of times I've read a frustrated tweet about the replica looks on Tumblr of crop tops, denim cut-offs and Jeffrey Campbell Litas. BLEURGH!! It's refreshing to have a site dedicated to being different, and showcasing emerging talent, rather than posting dupes or "trends" (gosh! I loathe that word). Be sure to check out 'Burju' collection on which also has a link to 'off the rail' at the top of the page, and show support to my bestfriend and great designer.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Grab your 'Burju' pieces before they fly off the rail. Xisses


Got in a heated debate with one of my closest friends today, and it shed light on a few things. The main being, when you both hit the point of no return in an argument, and you've both tossed painful coins at one another...what next? I'm not much of a chess player, but I do love me some Checkers...the point I'm hammering at is, in the strategic game, you hit a point where no more moves can be made, and its game over; the board is restructured and restarted.
Shirt : H&M | Bowler Hat : H&M 
Disco Pants : American Apparel (Purchased from eBay)
Speaking with my sister afterwards, she commented that, at times people forget that they will see you the next day. Thats my qualms with such situations. I'm not a happy go lucky 60's freak who loves singing in the rain (hold back all bowler hat references...LOL), but I do like having a smile on my face. 8/10 times, its either my family or my friends that keep me grinning.  Why ruin that over a trivial debate about one's preferences over the other?
Watch : Michael Kors | Bag : Dune (giveaway win from 'Follow me in 5 inch heels') 
Boots : H&M
I try not to harbour bad blood, or let my pride cloud my judgment. Through the gift of great friendship, I have learned to air my opinions, vocalise my emotions, and rationalise when cause arises. In the end, I am more than willing to throw in the towel, walk away from the ring and salvage a great situation in retrospect, if worthy. However, I am no fool. If a friendship is not worth it and you've made all the right moves on paper, all your pieces are as you intended them...then its time to yell 'check mate' as you would 'BINGO!', grab your fair share and keep it moving to another board.
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I speak about friendships a lot, as I feel they are an important part of my being. I was brought up under the adage "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are". If you surround yourself with spineless swine, you're probably thought as one to others, yourself. I don't walk around with clones. Neither do I expect my friends to act, say, or think exactly as I would. What I love about my friendships is the room we give one another to grow, to be yourself, while still truthfully calling each other out when the other has done wrong. A friend is defined as "A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations"
Blazer : Thrifted (Wales; originally from M&S) | Socks : H&M
I salvaged a friendship this week, which could have gone sour over a trivial disparity of opinions, and I also chose to let a 'friend' go this week as I felt he wasn't doing anything positive for my life. I can be brutal, but I'm brutally honest. It was great while it lasted, but whats a friendship built on lies, deceit and misconceptions?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes its worth looking at the board and admitting there are no more moves to be made in the friendship. Checkmate!

BLEURGHair: Frankie Flick Vs Meagan Mop

Typing this post on #TfL spurred on by yet another compliment of my new short do. So here goes! The look works with pretty much the same concept as 'The Toni Cut', and the 'Retro Rihanna Shave', except these styles are bulkier at the top i.e. more tracks we're added for effect. Not to mention, the sides/leave outs are purely natural. That's right, with a bit of moisture I'm working with a full-fledged mini Afro. No joke! I've switched up my hair care routine a bit since my last BLEURGHair, so I think it best I give you a full breakdown. This is gonna be LONG, so grab some popcorn!
The first BLEURGHair was inspired by Frankie Sandford from the UK girlband, The Saturdays. I've loved her style since forever! I love Instagram (follow me, @Onyxsta), and after stalking nearly every pic under the hashtag of Frankie's hair, I was set on this style. I've named this the 'Frankie Flick', as it involves the bangs flicking stylistically from the centre, and part of the side, to fully cover the ear.
My sister braided & wove me in, and my sides/leave-out was still short from the 'The Natural Crop'. My sister used an all-back cornrow/braid pattern, and wove the tracks in horizontally. The issue I had with this style was that she braided backwards and finished with a horizontal braid at the crown. When placing tracks on this pattern, it looked wiggish, and I struggled to blend my natural hair with the tracks. After straightening the hair, cutting and styling it, I was pleased with the result but found that the sweep was far shorter than the desired effect.
 Maintenance Routine:
1. Wash (with shampoo) and deep condition hair weekly (or use Dr Miracle treatment every other week).
2. Apply leave-in conditioner of choice.
3. Blowdry hair with comb-picked hairdryer (found in afro-carribean hair stores), but leave hair slightly moist, to air-dry.
4. Apply John Frieda frizzease serum before straightening with Babyliss Pro 2000 straighteners.
5. Once hair straight, apply Dr. Miracle edge holding gel, and then wrap hair with silk wrap and leave overnight. VOILA!
This style came to me thrillingly while watching 'Jumping the Broom' last Spring. I'd never been a Meagan Good fan as I found her style kindda skanky and so overtly sexy. She put those thoughts on the backburner with this mane! My lust for this style was then catapulted to a whole new scale when a guy friend of mine, who'd just started watching 'Californication' spotted Meagan Good and stated that she reminded him of me? Geeez! Was I flattered?
This hair was a last-minute project that started at 9pm, after dinner and night-prayers, and finished around midnight as I was catching up with TV and I can't braid hair to save my life. After noting the error of an all-back braid pattern, I decided to start the braids from the crown and work my way forward (harder than it sounds when braiding on yourself). I then sewed in the tracks diagonally, rather than horizontally, for the desired side-sweep effect. Finally, i wrapped a track around the top, all the way to the side, to really seal in the look. The tracks work under the 'invisible parting' concept, and don't need the leave-outs at the side to conceal the tracks. The only difference in the maintenance routine for the 'Meagan Mop', is that I twist the tracks around bendy rollers (pack of 8 for £1 from Poundland) before bed, and the side remains wrapped in a headscarf to retain the shape (top left).
Onyxsta says...BLEURGHair!! Which do you prefer? The Frankie Flick or the Meagan Mop? Xisses

Gimme Reasons to be Jubilant

Being Nigerian, I was saddened by the news on Diamond Jubilee Monday, of a plane crash that took the life of more than a few innocent passengers. I wont go into the details of this accident, as i don't believe my role as blogger comprises of being a Sky News correspondent, but I do want to talk about the juxtaposition of joy and grief, and juggling both.
 Necklace : eBay | Blazer & Top : H&M | Jeans & Handbag : ZARA | Pumps : BAY 
Photos circulated of people surrounding the plane, not taking the time out to get help for those caught in the fire, rather pausing for a minute to capture the disaster on their smartphone cameras. Within minutes, the photos went viral, and idiots were already broadcasting PSA's. I just find it all quite inconsiderate. Yes, technology has done us good in a way that we find out important news instantaneously, and can access current affairs at our fingertips. Then again, there are the cons of caring more about keeping up with trending topics than actually caring about the topic itself.
A tweetheart I follow posted a disturbing account of someone who changed their display picture to an individual who lost their life in the plane crash in Nigeria. What I fail to understand, is the lack of empathy in our present society. No regard whatsoever, is given to the family who are grieving, or the emotions of those who were close to the departed. All the displayer cares for, is coming off as connected to an affected victim, and looking like they care about an issue they know nothing about. Grieving is not to be taken lightly, and posting pictures via social networking platforms wont spur on the process, or help the griever overcome their loss any easier. Unplugging yourself from the virtual mains may be the only real way of dealing with the reality of a situation.
I don't think its fair to feel guilty for choosing to carry on with life, after sparing a minute to send condolences. However, what seems eerily wrong is OTT'ing (Over The Top) your thoughts via twitter rants, or bleurghing your ill-founded emotions via a guilt-striken broadcast. No, I don't think posting a silhouette drawing of Nigeria with a candle in the middle will send a message to the President to take active steps in appointment, or sort out the nation's emergency services. Dude isn't even a contact on my blackberry, so how will he see it?? I just don't understand the reasoning behind this. In order to take action and stand up for a cause with a difference, one actually has to physically take a stand to correct those wrongs. Display pictures, ignorant tweets and emotionally charged status updates wont do much to make a change. You have to speak up to be heard, stand up to be seen, and live a life to be emulated.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Hey Queenie, gimme a reason to be jubilant! Xisses