Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunny Sunday

 Found these dresses in my loft/ attic (click here for vleurgh of other finds), and remembered getting them last summer in a random store in Croydon. They were £5 each and it was an impulse purchase. I was meant to attend my **Wammie **Crys' 21st birthday and had not gone shopping yet, so this was the result of a rushed shopping expedition in my breaktime from work. I fell in love with the blue, but bought the red as well as I am a shoppaholic....SUE ME!
 Initially intended to sell it, but in my clear-out this morning, I offered it to my **Hobo **Toy & she willingly accepted it. I do have a bunch of other gems I'm racking up for a sale really soon so keep an eye out...
 BLEURGH Tale: Had an early night, prepared a scrumptious breakfast & even woke up with enough time to prepare the beginnings of a big lunch (of which we invited some friends....ask us why we are still in Manchester? PLEASE!! LOL)...then we set off for church (after MUCH Devilish hesitation). Only to get there and it was shut. SHUT! Only me...seriously? *sigh*
Dress : Random Croydon store | Court Heels : MK One | Arm Candy : (necklace wound up)
 I love how differently we styled the dress. My look is a bit more formal and demure...
Dress : Random Croydon store | Heels : Dorothy Perkins
 ...and **Toy's is fun-loving, carefree and summery. Love it!
 We decided not to let the shut-door thingy put a damper on our day, so we hit town for a spot of retail and all-round indulgence. LOVE girly-time! Its such a contrast to how we spent the afternoon; in laddish company. Growing up with 2 brothers, I always wanted to be 'one of the guys' and would do more laddish things like playing basketball outside, than staying in with my sister sewing or whatnot. To think, I always loathed chics cos I thought they were bitches (which girls naturally are), and now I have SO many gal-pals. Its refreshing. It all boils down to the company you keep...there's a difference between bitches & bitchy-backstabbers, and I'm happy to have found the right mix with my friends. I know my girls will tell me the truth to my face, and thats all I care about. HONESTY. Girls are innately built to bitch, but what matters is where your loyalty lies, and how honest you are WITH the bitching. 

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! In a group of fakery, its nothing but a squad of shallow hals & no real gals. Xisses
Soundtrack of the Minute - End of Time : Beyonce


  1. lol about the bitching! cute sunny dressesm u gals rocked them

  2. ahhhh this is sooo cute!! love the floralss

  3. Those dresses are too CUTE! I love them! I want one! lol It goes so good with your skin color, I would look pale I think.. Maybe thats why I dont wear white that much! But you guys look divine!:)

  4. Perfect prints and you two seem like fun gals!

  5. your outfits look very nice!

  6. gosh you two look so adorable in your floral summerdresses :)

    xx jeanne

  7. you two look so cute !!! xoxo

  8. haha yall look like yall had so much fun

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Stele NYC

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  10. Thanks for visiting my blog dear!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  11. Very cute. Love the different floral dresses!


  12. perfect looks!! I like it :)

  13. love your dress !

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