Beyonce Voters

During the last US general elections, Fox News' Jesse Walters coined the term 'Beyonce Voters' to describe/ refer to single ladies who voted. Walters stated that these Beyonce Voters weren't independent, as the affiliation with the megastar would otherwise have you believe. In fact, he argued that they were arguably the most dependent percentile, depending on the government for their basic needs as they cannot otherwise afford without husbands in the mix. These same single ladies make up 1/4 of the American electorate i.e. they are a powerful quota not to engage with. In the end, Obama won the single ladies by 76% in the last election. Why? Arguably it could be because his platform promised the provision of the things Walter argues these Beyonce Voters needed from the government in the first place i.e. contraception; free healthcare; and equal pay (heaven forbid we earn what we rightfully deserve considering we undertake the same workload as our male counterparts, but I digress).
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I was teaching my Sunday School kids about anger the other day, and in preparation for the lesson, I learned that anger is not always bad. Of course I knew that, but not in the way the message was being drummed in from the resource. "How is that?" I hear you ask...? Well, we are conditioned by society to deem the expression of anger as socially unacceptable. We are taught to control our anger from a very young age. We are cast out if we fail to adhere to said societal rules by openly expressing anger in public. It is drummed in by health professionals and the industry at large that anger is something to be curtailed because failure to do so could result in grave (for want of a better word) consequences. 
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"Fantastically Corrupt"

My timeline came alive last night. If you are an African in diaspora, living in the UK, chances are you were also locked to Channel 4's documentary aptly titled 'Lagos to London'. A documentary focusing on the fabulous lives of Nigeria's rich and famous as they shuttle between their extravagant homes in the two cities. This was a striking contrast to terrestrial TV's last attempt to showcase life in Nigeria in 2010's BBC documentary, 'Welcome to Lagos'. Gone were the thatched huts and flies resting upon the noses of kwasiorkor ridden kids in the village. This was quite the opposite. Decadence was an understatement for these rich kids' gadgets, cars, accessories, clothes etc they possessed. As my father grunted in distaste, I watched, stunned at how the better half live in a nation where some cannot afford to make ends meet.
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Just Be

Last week I bared all about my plight through unemployment, overcoming depression & the hang-ups associated with both. This week, i want to delve a bit deeper into the impact of status frustration, and the relief one feels when life chills out and one can finally "just be".
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In Shape

I commenced full-time employment earlier this year - super duper grown up - and found the balancing of #Adulting incredibly challenging. As a result, my hobby (blogging) sadly had to take a back seat as I struggled to find the time [or strength] to draft posts, take pictures, attend events, all of which I would normally enjoy & discuss its connotations openly. So I decided to take a time-out and reboot, initially intended only to last a week, and then had to overcome the anxiety of returning each week. During my time-out, I intended to reassess BLEURGH's direction, get on top of life admin, and pull my life back in shape, in the same way I had after my rough year. I eventually achieved this by breaking down what SHAPE meant to me i.e. Spirituality; Heart; Ability; Personality; Experience (paraphrased from Rick Warren's Daily Devotional). 
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