In Shape

I commenced full-time employment earlier this year - super duper grown up - and found the balancing of #Adulting incredibly challenging. As a result, my hobby (blogging) sadly had to take a back seat as I struggled to find the time [or strength] to draft posts, take pictures, attend events, all of which I would normally enjoy & discuss its connotations openly. So I decided to take a time-out and reboot, initially intended only to last a week, and then had to overcome the anxiety of returning each week. During my time-out, I intended to reassess BLEURGH's direction, get on top of life admin, and pull my life back in shape, in the same way I had after my rough year. I eventually achieved this by breaking down what SHAPE meant to me i.e. Spirituality; Heart; Ability; Personality; Experience (paraphrased from Rick Warren's Daily Devotional). 
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Adulting is the art of doing grown up things such as securing and holding down a career, starting and keeping a family, among other things. Why is it trending? Well, it's become a rarity at the age that was once advertised; from 18 to 21 to 25...and now encroaching 30. Yes, I know 30 year olds who are nowhere near where you'd expect an 'adult' to be, and that's not to say they are irresponsible or childish, just...times have changed! Also, what's expected to mark one out as an adult is so far skewed nowadays that it begs the question "what makes one an adult?" in the first place.
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Lean In

"The blunt truth is that men still run the world"
I managed to chow down the entire book (Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg) in a day, having procrastinated reading it for the better part of the month. Sandberg begins with a chapter that mirrors a political and social plea to all for actual gender equality, and not just the promise of it.  This is founded and supported by statistical facts & figures,  and the reader is soon enraged and provoked to not only read up, but sit up. The reader is blinded by the truth that the proverbial glass ceiling is not the only thing hindering a woman's professional progress, but also the existence of real obstacles such as blatant and/or subtle sexism from males and females alike, sexual harassment,  lack of support at home & errant discrimination. Amoruso, take note, THIS is how you write a feminist manifesto!
"Knowing that things could be worse should not stop us from trying to make them better"
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Broke Girl's Guide To: Pamper Party

The much anticipated second instalment of the 'Broke Girls' Guide' series is finally upon us, and this time, it is in collaboration with Bloggers' Hangout. I shed some light on how one might be able to floss while scraping pennies at the bottom of the barrel, and a lot of you were interested. So I thought, as well as mapping hacks out thematically (sub-headings below), I would also conclude each post as a listicle (list-article...its a thing). Without further adieu, here's how to indulge in high end/ luxurious products and services, without breaking the bank. 

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I was absolutely appalled by a recent vlogger's revelation about instagram photo editing. It appears instagram has become to bloggers and online content creators, what magazines are to celebrities. Besides fretting over the perfect layout, online influencers are now turning their hand to photoshop and wizardous photo editing tools to create the perfect image of themselves. It appears that plastic surgery has fallen short of granting online influencers the extent of perfection they desire, and thus, some are resulting to extreme measures to depict the perfect image.